Posh Pin is HERE!

Posh Pin is here!
Customize your pins for you at home with monogramming, for your business with your logo, or just buy in sets for the sewing enthusiast that you know!

I have been using mine for a year and a half and LOVE mine! It makes sewing sooo much more fun and personal!!!

Posh Pin Coushion set. Comes with about 6-8 matching pins.
Posh Pin coordinating set of 5 pins. $8 each.

Contact me for more information or to buy :)


Can't resist these! They are the perfect thing for your hair as a head band, a choker, a wristband, and you know what I did with mine the other day?! I put it on my little 5 year old as a cool, hip belt! Love these! And the best part, when you wear them as a head band, they STAY and don't give you headaches! Now THAT is what I am talking about! :) Just FUN!

I do sell these, and they go fast, so if you'd like one, email me and I will see if I have what you'd like! ;)

Living through the passion...

Well even though I stopped selling online and creating as much, I couldn't stay away entirely! So we threw a fun boutique at my house! Anything you love, just let me know and we might have it still to sell! Such a fun night!  I had my creations, as well as Jamberry Nails and my Hair Flops there!
We squealed with delight with Jillie Willie there!

Catered DELICIOUSLY by my sister and wonderful chef, Angela!

Cute Messenger Bag

This was a special order. How cute did it turn out?! I love it! ;)

A look inside.

Eighty Daisies Online Store Closing

It is official!  Only 20 days until our online store is closed!  I am both excited and nervous at the same time!  I am starting our new adventure, and what a thrill and scare at the same time!  Thanks to all of you who flatter me with your 'last minute, rush to get it in" orders.  It is very flattering and fun!  I will still accept custom orders from time to time, and I will post things I create, regularly, as I create them, to this blog.  And I will still sell my products on my store in Etsy as I make any.  Also, I will have my items that I am clearancing at the top left of this blog for you to purchase by clicking the "ITEMS FOR SALE"link, but hurry, they are going fast!

Thanks again for your dedication to helping me unlock my talents and share them with you.

New To Eighty Daisies

Our new Daisy dangly earrings!  We love them!  What do you think!
Spoon Me Daisy paper weight.  Decorate your office or workspace in style!!

Little Miss Necklaces!

Custom Little Miss Necklace

These are our new signature Eighty Daisies little miss jewelry!  We love them!  These are a special order!  so contact me at eightydaisies@gmail.com for yours!  ;)

Recent cuties


Our lovely, one of a kind, designer and custom made diaper bags have come to and end! 

No worries, that just means new fun stuff to come!  Luckily, we still have quite a selection to clear out to make way for our new designer bags & their fun personalities! 

Click here to see all the diaper bags marked down to clearance.

Urban Spice!

We had a great time in Arizona!  What a beautiful location!

Look for us LIVE!

We'll be selling our one of a kind items here! Hope to see you there!

A totally custom Design - Decorative Touches

A special request. This is an example of how custom you can go. The sky is the limit!

As with the others, letters are 3-D & part of the design. Sealed together.
Black walnut wood frame.
Customize yours at www.eightydaisies.com!  Or, CLICK HERE to go right to it.

More Decorative Touches for newly weds!

Beautiful, distressed, antique walnut wood

The usual 3-D wood letters give this timeless piece a pop from the flat pictures.  Finished size for this one was about 3' x 18"
Again, our wonderful new frames are included with each order!!!
Thanks to our new framing artist, Stephanie!

Close up on detail - Decorative Touches - 3 dimensional lettering